Conference issues

Framework of the conference includes the following topics:

  1. The design of the pension system in Poland and in other countries.
  2. Pension system models.
  3. Ageing and the pension system.
  4. Migration processes and the pension system.
  5. Prospects for changes in pension systems.
  6. Opportunities and threats for pension systems.
  7. Attitudes of citizens towards pension systems.
  8. Legal and organizational aspects of social security.
  9. Institutional, demographic and socio-cultural aspects of pension reforms.
  10. Politics and the effectiveness of investment of pension funds and other institutions of the pension sector.
  11. Social responsibility of pension sector institutions.
  12. Contributions and benefits in the pension system.
  13. Individual retirement accounts and pension schemes for employees.
  14. The human capital of older people.
  15. Socio-economic aspects of the retirement age extension.
  16. Comparison of the situation of young and older people in the labor market.
  17. Elderly people's entrepreneurship.
  18. Development of silver economy in Poland.
  19. Mental and economic security of older people.
  20. Social perception of old age.
  21. Trust in the relationships between elderly people and society.